How to Have Clear Healthy Skin

Do you know Camila, the Cuban-American singing sensation? In an interview with her makeup artist, he disclosed crucial information about what he does when Camila suddenly develops an unsightly zit before facing cameras.

His answer was very detailed. Abbreviated, don’t do a lot to try and cover it up because that makes it stand out more.

I wondered if Camila has discovered Lavender Soap with Activated Charcoal after that article. At her age, it’s not easy to totally prevent acne problems, but using this soap works wonders to help skin become clearer and healthy-looking.

How is this better than any other acne product?

Many acne products dry skin out, causing more oiliness to naturally surface in younger skin. Activated charcoal draws out and binds with oil, dirt and other toxins in the skin’s surface. Activated charcoal is also one of the gentlest exfoliators to be found. Dark spots and dark patches of skin can eventually even out to skin tone. Massage this beautifying cleanser into skin thoroughly for a few minutes before rinsing. By itself, activated charcoal can be too drying for some skin types. The combination of plant-based oils in our Lavender Soap with Activated Charcoal leave skin feeling fresh and moisturized.

This soap is not restricted for facial use, and it isn’t just good for reducing acne. We’ll be giving you more information about the many ways we’re being told Roots Essential Lavender Soap with Activated Charcoal makes life better for our customers in future blogs.

- Live Your Roots

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